About us

Hagtak.com is one of the first online marketplaces in Egypt.  Hagtak.com provides easy selling and buying of any new or used goods. It could be a car, a washing machine or even a book, all can be found on Hagtak.com. All used goods in one marketplace. The more users advertise the more users will benefit from it.

The idea of Hagtak.com is to make the experience on the website easy for users to post their ads as well as to find any product they are looking for through a search engine.  Users could also proceed with their search by choosing a region if they wish to narrow their search.

Hagtak.com shows all the regions in Egypt to facilitate the search on users. For example is a user is living in Cairo or Alexandria, the user can use a delivery service that would facilitate the purchase and deliver it to the user’s doorstep.

Hagtak.com gives retailers a great opportunity to sell new or used products on the website. Like for example a retail shop that sells second hand phones or a home appliances store that sells brand new washing machines.


Mission and vision

Hagtak.com is the first online marketplace that wants to build the largest and most accessible online marketplace in Egypt. Hagtak.com wants to provide good performance with value pricing while establishing a successful relationship with customers and suppliers.  This would accomplished by constantly striving to meet or exceed our customers needs.

“Our vision is to be Egypt’s most customer centric marketplace where people can come buy and sell anything they want online!”